Our Approach


    Doing Good, For The Greater Good.

    Our bags are made with ONLY non-animal by-products. We believe in more-than-fair wages in a great working environment. We hope to continue exploring alternative ethical & environmentally friendly practices to improve our brand.

    Fair Wages, Safe Work Environment

    We believe in more-than-fair wages in great working environment for our team wherever possible. We also engage with ethically compliant factories to ensure all of our artisans that are producing our bags are happy and paid fair wages in a safe and healthy work environment. We insist that there shouldn't be trade-off of these in the name of fashion.

    Using Only Vegan & Sustainable Materials

    We pride ourselves on using only vegan & using sustainable processes to produce our bags. We believe we do not have to leave too many carbon footprints to create timeless & chic bags. 

    Pay It Forward

    We strongly support recycling fashion and paying it forward. Our products are made to last so in cases where you feel that our bags no longer serve you a purpose, we urge that you pay it forward and donate the bag to a charity so it can serve a purpose for the next person. Every decision you make towards doing good matters.